Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is uniquely your own.

Jeet Kune Do means in English "the way of the intercepting fist" and was created by Bruce Lee in 1967. Jeet Kune Do is not a fixed system, it is free and not bound to any limitations because it consists of techniques of many different ways of fighting. JKD follows no guidelines and is constantly evolving. The idea behind it is to free the student from fixed robotic-techniques that normally occur automatically. To choose a Martial Art means to get to explore yourself - Martial Art is self-knowledge. 

The heart of our Jeet Kune Do concepts is based on the principles and forms of Wing Tsun, the body unity of Boxing and the joint locks of Silat.

We make the people of Munich ready for self-defense

Jeet Kune Do means realistic self-defense. 

A Martial Art that follows its own principles.

As an easy and and quickly learnable Martial Arts system it is perfect for people who care about their own safety and who are looking for an unforgettable training.

When we are talking about self-defense, only one thing is important: your own life.

Fighting is not good, but if you are forced to fight, you should win!

Train Jeet Kune Do and feel the principle of winning.




Our training improves your health and offers you an meditative compensation for your everyday life.

Jeet Kune Do gives benefits to your attention and your reflexes.


- Effective techniques and principles of self-defense

- Self-assertation for women, men and children

- Learn to defend yourself

- Learn the art of fighting without fighting, don't be a victim

- Free yourself from "YOU MUST", Jeet Kune Do is a free and open way of training


We develop the following basics together:

  • Attention
  • Intuition
  • Feeling for distances
  • Fighting spirit to face all situations of your life
  • Stable ways of standing and stable ways of moving
  • Safe ways of falling and defense from the ground
  • Learn how to see with your feelings when your eyes are blinded
  • Effective self-defense through recognizing templates of attack
  • Principles from Wing Tsun

Start to train our Jeet Kune Do concepts on a regular basis

We are a group of schooled Martial Arts-lovers that joined together to teach and to train Jeet Kune Do. 

Our knowledge and experience is combined from different ways of fighting.

The combination of the styles Boxing, Silat and JKD-Wing Tsun is giving excitement to our students since a few years.

No single style of fighting can be perfect, so we eliminate those weak parts and work together on an effective and realistic way of self defense.


In the spirit of the Jeet Kune Do founder, Grandmaster Bruce Lee.


We are there for you.

Our training halls for you

Private gym for open training

Our private gym in Munich-Ramersdorf can be visited for training:


Wednesday: 19:00 - 20:30


Instructors training: 20:30 - 21:30


If you are visiting our training for the first time, we kindly ask you for a registration at jkd-muenchen@web.de.



Redlinger Str. 7

81735 Munich


Suitable for small groups, self-defense for women, private training and instructors training. 


This gym is also registrated at the URBAN SPORTS CLUB.


Main gym

Our main gym at Munich-Schwanthaler Höhe can be visited for JKD/WT/SILAT/BOX training:


Sunday 12:00 - 13:00

               13:00 - 14:00


Suitable for group training, private training and self-defense for women.



Angler Str. 6, first floor on the left side

80339 Munich


This gym is also registrated at the URBAN SPORTS CLUB.


Admission: 20€ including the first trainings T-shirt.


Martial Arts education: 12 months, can be cancelled at the end of the year.

(35€ per month, includes 1-2 trainings a week)


Basic membership: 6 months, can be cancelled every 6 months.

(45€ per month, includes 1-2 trainings a week)


Partner membership: 6 months, can be cancelled every 6 months.

(60€ per month, includes 1-2 trainings a week)


Basic teen membership: 12 months, can be cancelled at the end of the year.

(21€ per month, includes 1-2 trainings a week, from 12-18 years)


JKD/WT/SILAT/BOX trainers (male and female) wanted!

If you are intrested, write to jkd-muenchen@web.de

(Train without a monthly fee for more safety in Munich, including instructors training and workshops for free)

Train without a membership with our time card

Simply order the time card and get one stamp before each training.

Also perfect as a gift.

One Stamp = private training self-defense for women, 2 hours.

One Stamp = JKD training, 2 hours.

One Stamp = Teen Jeet Kune Do, 2 hours.


Get the time card suitable for five stamps for 69€.


You want to become a member?

You will receive your membership application at the first training.

It is important for us that we can get to know each other a bit first for two reasons:

- we want you to feel good and save at our training 

- we want to avoid the danger of getting "black sheeps" into our academy


Please contact us via e-mail at jkd-muenchen@web.de to arrange a try-out training.



Motivational belts of the academy

There are no competitions and rankings in Martial Arts, but there is regular training.

So that the skills you have learned can become a part of your consciousness.

Our motivatonal belts are awarded to every diligent student that visits our training at a regular basis.

The team of the academy


Si-Hing Dominik is practicing Martial Arts since 1992 and is the leader of Jeet Kune Do München. He started his Martial Art education with Judo at the TSV Großhadern, afterwards he was schooled in Wing Tsun and Silat. 

Training with Grandmasters of Wing Tsun at the EWTO, Dominik reached the following degrees:

- Trainer for womens self-defense

- Trainer for Wing Tsun

- Trainer for children and teenagers

At the beginning of 2017, together with Michael L.,  he founded the academy for self-defense to make use of all of his experiences in a free and open Jeet Kune Do system. The intention is to pass over his knowledge, following the principle "the way of the intercepting fist".

Martial Arts belt: blue.

Guest trainer

Si-Hing Bastian started out with Jeet Kune Do. He was heavily influenced by Dan Inosanto and explored the philippine and the indonesian direction of JKD. 

He trained intense and took many workshops in the following styles:

- Filipino Boxing

- Kali

- Silat

- Kuntao

Mainly focusing on Kuntao, which is structured in american Kuntao, filipino Kuntao and chinese Kuntao.

A natural part of Jeet Kune Do and a very impressive way of self-defense.

Martial Arts belt: blue.



Verband / Partner

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